Why A Custom Subwoofer Box?

You'll often hear about how a subwoofer box can make or break a system. Here's why having a custom box made is essential to getting the most out of your subwoofer(s).

Poorly Made Prefab Boxes

A proper subwoofer box is hand crafted with options like double baffles and added bracing; sealed to perfection, with the appropriate glue and tightened with specialty screws, that won’t back out over time from vibration.

Having a custom subwoofer box built, also gives you the ability to choose different materials used to make your box: MDF, Birch or Fiberglass. This flexibility is important when added weight, space limitations or appearance is a concern.

Appearance of Your Box

Another important consideration is the visual & physical integration of the box into the vehicle. Maybe you want a factory looking approach, a flashy centerpiece or you might want the enclosure to be hidden from view entirely.

Having a custom box made gives you this flexibility.

Too Many of Variables

The chances of buying a prefab box that meets your subwoofer's exact specifications is rare, even more so when it comes to the more complicated box designs, such as ported or bandpass enclosures.

Prefab ported boxes have a randomly selected tuning frequency, port area and airspace that won’t be adapted to the specifications of every subwoofer. There’s also the displacement of the subwoofer(s) and bracing that needs to be accounted for.

There is no one size fits all. Every subwoofer is different and requires a specific air space depending upon the application, to work as designed and sound as good as possible. As you can see, there's a lot of variables to be taken into consideration.

Personal Taste

Depending on what type of music you favor a skilled installer can also tailor your box to compliment that style. This is accomplished by the use of box modeling software and the knowledge of frequency response curves to change the projected output to custom suit your needs.

Whether you want tight accurate bass or curb cracking boom a properly designed custom box will get you there the right way.

JL Audio 10w3v3 Fitment

Ported Subwoofer Box Assembly

Body Filled Subwoofer Box Corner

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