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Car Audio Inc - Why A Custom Subwoofer Box?

Why A Custom Subwoofer Box?

Every subwoofer is different and requires a specific air space depending upon the application to work as designed and sound as good as possible.

Here's why having a custom subwoofer box made is essential.

Prefab Boxes are often poorly made.

Our wooden custom subwoofer boxes are hand crafted with options like double baffles and added bracing.  Sealed to perfection with the proper glue and tightened with special screws that won’t back out from vibration.

We can also make your box out of different materials:  MDF, Birch or Fiberglass

Another important consideration is the appearance of your box.  We can match the look of your car's interior to look factory, or add custom logos.

We take the guess work out of the equation.

The chances of buying a prefab box that meets your subwoofer's exact specifications is rare, even more so when it comes to ported boxes.

Prefab ported boxes have a random fixed tuning frequency, port area and airspace that won’t sound right with every woofer. There’s also the displacement of the woofer and bracing that needs to be accounted for. There’s a lot of variables to take into consideration!

Depending on what type of music you favor we can also tailor your box to compliment that style.  We do this by using box modeling software and our knowledge of frequency response curves to change the projected output to custom suit your needs.

Whether you want tight accurate bass or curb cracking boom we know how to get you there the right way. All these aspects are crucial to getting the bass output that YOU want.