Benefits of Sound Deadening in Your Vehicle

Constraint-Layer Damping or as it’s more commonly referred to as ‘Sound Deadener’ is a sticky butyl-rubber material with an aluminum backing that is rolled on, to adhere to the metal panels of the car. It works by changing the resonant frequency of the sheet metal. Let’s talk about why this is important.

Reduced Road Noise

Road noise is sound that makes its way into the cabin from outside the car. There are many ill byproducts of having excessive road noise. The droning of road noise can cause fatigue, similar to jetlag. It plays a big part in the reason why you feel exhausted after a long road trip.

In a car with excessive road noise, you and your passengers have to talk louder to be heard. When talking in a sound deadened car, you’ll be able to hear better and not have to talk as loud, which is a benefit as well for bluetooth phone conversations.

Less Resonance, Less Rattles

When a panel resonates it also vibrates, which can cause neighboring panels to touch, ultimately causing them to rattle. Not only are rattles annoying, but they distract from the music, killing your sound stage, imaging and causing undesired localization.

Better Acoustic Environment

A car door is far from an acoustically optimal place to mount and house a speaker. Ideally you want something well sealed with anechoic properties. By using sound deadener to seal up the gaping holes in the sheet metal, we can make the doors act more like enclosures. This also takes care of certain phase issues such as back wave cancellation. This is crucial to achieving solid midbass response from your speakers.

Sound deadening where the speaker is mounted, creates a solid baffle which is critical for performance as well. Deadening inside the door itself reduces unwanted resonance and reflections which negatively affects the speaker's performance.

How does sound deadening make my stereo louder? It effectively does this by lowering the ambient noise floor inside the car. In doing so, the stereo doesn’t have to work as hard to overcome road noise.

Treated Cars Feel More Solid

Getting your car sound deadened is a smart way to get the feel of a more expensive, high-end vehicle. Everything feels tighter and quieter because it is. No more tin can syndrome.

Unrelated to stereos, but a nice added benefit is that deadener doubles as a thermal insulator. In the winter your car will stay warmer longer, and in the summer, it’ll help keep in the cool A/C.

A product we recommend is Second Skin Audio. We’ve used many other brands and they just don’t compare in terms of quality.

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